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Our Story

Who we are, what we say, and how we say it.

This is a guide to our correct usage of our logo and brand elements. It will help you get to know us a little better. Use this information as a reference when using our logo and designing marketing materials for Metro Arts. As we build our brand we encourage you to be creative, but keep the following tips and guidelines in mind.


Distinguishing characteristics.

Our Logo is a representation of our brand. Treat it with respect and display it properly. Visit the below examples for reference.

Primary Identity

The Metro Arts Alliance primary identity consists of two main elements: the logotype and the brand mark. In order for our logo to have the right effect, allow for proper spacing. The example below demonstrates the surrounding space being equivalent to the diameter of our symbol. Never display our logo at a size less than a 1/2 inch vertically.

Downloadable Logo Files

Each ZIP file contains: Adobe Illustrator Files, Adobe PDF File, JPG, and PNG files in various sizes.

Horizontal & Square Format Downloadable Logo Files

Using logo files

Follow these guidelines to assure you are using the correct file type.

EPS—The best choice for all printed projects. They are fully scalable and have options for both CMYK and Pantone color.

JPG — If you are not able to use an EPS file for
a print project, you can use the a high-res, CMYK JPG. Make sure the dimensions are large enough for the size to be printed. RGB JPGs should only be used for web purposes.

PNG — These files are for web use only. PNGs are the preferred file type for social media avatars, as vector-based PNGs handle compression much better than vector-based JPGs.

Logo Do’s & Do Not’s

1. Do use the logo at a reasonable size with proper spacing around it.

2. Do Not alter the colors in the logo.

3. Do Not apply shadows and effects to the logo.

4. Do Not rearrange elements of the logo.

5. Do Not display the logo on a busy or photographic background.

6. Do Not distort the logo.

7. Do only use logos downloaded from our official media page (to the right).

If you have any concerns about how our identity will appear, contact us before proceeding. You may also want to contact the Marketing Committee for Metro Arts for more information about logo compliance, branding guidelines, and using our name or assets.

Talking About Metro Arts Alliance

in Web, Print or Broadcast

How we describe ourself is a very important part of our brand. Use the statement below in its entirety and without edits. You may also use any of the verbiage in our attached brochure (PDF).

Metro Arts Alliance is an innovative organization at the forefront of integrating the arts into the community. For more than four decades, we are distinguished by our unique endeavor to bringing the arts, in its many forms, to all areas of greater Des Moines. Focused on advancing creativity and strengthening the community in which we serves, our programs educate and enrich the development of children and adults. By collaborating with schools, organizations, senior centers, and other community partners; we create opportunities that provide lifelong access and engagement in the arts for all.


Capitalize the word “Metro Arts Alliance”, except when it’s part of a web address


Use our full name, either “Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines” or “Metro Arts Alliance” on first mention when discussing our organization, then you can use   “Metro Arts”


Use any of these hashtags when discussing our organization: #metroarts, #metroartsdsm, #artability, #jazzinjulydsm


Use our logo in place of the word “Metro Arts Alliance”


Our colors are a primary means of branding.

Use our primary color options when designing pieces directly representing Metro Arts. Use the support colors as accents to the primary colors to add some flavor. Hover over a color to see it’s HEX Web Value; it’s Screen Image RGB Value; and it’s Print Image CMYK Value.


Primary Color


HEX #E31B23
RGB 227,27,35
CMYK 0, 88.11, 84.58, 10.98

Dark Gray

Primary Color


HEX #383838
RGB 56, 56, 56
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 78.04

Light Gray

Secondary Color


RGB 226, 226, 226
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 11.37


Secondary Color


RGB 112,205,227
CMYK 50.66, 9.69, 0, 10.98


Secondary Color


HEX #D7511E
RGB 215, 18, 30
CMY 0, 62.33, 86.05, 15.69


Secondary Color


RGB 176, 188, 34
CMYK 6.38, 0, 81.91, 26.27

Typeface for Print

Whenever possible, use the typeface Avenir for materials directly representing Metro Arts. For headings and subheadings use larger sizes of Avenir Medium, the more bold version. For all larger bodies of text use Avenir Book, the thinner, more legible version. When Avenir is not an option, use Helvetica or another sans serif font for a suitable replacement.

Typeface for Web


Roboto, 500 Medium


Lato, 300 Book, 18px


Our Imagery is art, literally. These images portray the emotions that represent our brand. They are fun and exciting.

As we aim to sophisticate our image we suggest using imagery with a photographic nature and not illustrations or clip art. The subject matter of photos should convey positive feelings and the scene should not be staged or portrait-like. We urge you to be creative with our photos and, of course, artistic.

Each ZIP file contains high-resolution images for particular programs.

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3209 Ingersoll Ave. Suite 208, Des Moines, IA 50312


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